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 Erlab offers a filtration ecosystem for the protection of laboratory personnel.

Superior protection when handling toxic or noxious chemicals


GreenFumeHood filtration technology Captair Smart 714 ductless fume hood with multi-position sash Captair powder weighing stations

GreenFumeHood Neutrodine Filtration Technology

The Green Fume Hood is made possible when Erlab's filtration is integrated above one of Erlab's partner's superstructures. Achieve safety, energy savings, control, and infrastructure cost reduction.


Captair Smart Ductless Filtering Fume Hood

Now equipped with Smart Technology! In addition to Erlab's advanced molecular filtration that guarantees your safety, we added simple, smart tools so you can focus on what is important to you - your work.



Captair Smart Powder Weighing Stations

Designed specifically for powder containment applications, this is a Class 5 hood that delivers the proper airflow at the face of the enclosure and total filtration of hazardous powders or potent pharmaceutical compounds.

Storing and keeping personnel safe from chemical inhalation


Captair Smart filtered storage cabinets
Captair Smart 822 filtered mini-storage cabinet Chemtrap filtration for chemical storage cabinets

Captair Smart Filtered Storage Cabinets

The advanced molecular filters will whisk away any noxious or toxic odors while safely storing your chemicals or powders.


Captair Smart Filtered Mini-Storage Cabinet

This small filtered storage cabinet eliminated noxious or toxic odors and  easily fits under a hood or bench.


Chemtrap / Venticap Filtration for Chemical Storage Cabinets

ChemTrap /Venticap filters the air from a safety/acid cabinet's internal chamber, captures and retains toxic fumes, and returns clean air back to the laboratory.

Sense and capture fugitive emissions in the laboratory air


Halo Sense lab air quality sensor   

Halo Sense

Lab Air Quality Sensor

Be informed about the air you breathe everyday in the lab



Lab Air Filtration System

Eliminates noxious fumes and improves the quality of the air in the lab


Protecting your valuable samples


Captair Bio PCR worstations Captair Flow clean bench  
Captair Bio PCR Worstations

Protect your laboratory personnel and your samples

 Captair Flow Clean Bench

Protect your samples and your products in an ultra-clean environment with H14 HEPA fitlers. For added protection, add an Erlab BE+ advanced carbon filter



Investigation protection


Pyramid portable glove bag
Pyramid portable glove bag

Safe and convenient transport or storage of samples/evidence