Ductless Filtering Fume Hood

Whether you are working with liquids or powders, Erlab's advanced filtration technology will keep you safe.

For over 50 years, Erlab is the trusted brand for safety, expertise in research & development, and design & manufacturing of ductless filtering fume hoods that provide superior filtration to keep you protected during your chemical processes.

Smart Technology: The new Captair Smart ductless filtering fume hoods are designed with a simple and innovative way of communication to let you know the hood is protecting you and in optimal working order. Smart Technology uses Smart-Light Communication to quickly see that the hood is operating safely so you can focus your attention on what is most important: your work.

Superior chemical filtration

For use with acids, bases, and solvents
Erlab's products feature the BE+ filter, the most advanced molecular filtration technology available for ductless filtering fume hoods. Multiple chemical types can be adsorbed at the same time, so you are no longer limited to application-specific filters or the inability to quickly adapt to new lab processes.

Safety is our first priority: Filtration and containment performance comply with the AFNOR NFX 15-211 standard (Class 1 and 2).

For use with fentanyl and unknown powders
Because this is an application that requires the use of hazardous liquids and powders, the filtration used is a combination of dual H14 HEPA filters and a broad-spectrum carbon filter.

For use with particulates
These workstations feature HEPA H14 filters to provide an ISO Class 5 work environment. The HEPA H14 filters guarantee 99.995% filtration efficiency for particles larger than 0.1µm

Activate the power of the Smart technology

Each unit comes with Smart TechnologyTM – an exclusive set of tools that is comprised of smart-light communicationTM, chemical sensors, real-time status, and the eGuard app.

Smart-light communication is a soft band of light on the unit that lets you know the unit is operating safely. The band of light will slowly pulse to let you know if the air flow is compromised, if there is a fan failure, or there it is time to change your filters.

Operating time

Air face velocity

Filter efficiency

Fan failure

Enhance your user experience with eGuard APP

With eGuard App, the device can be monitored and controlled remotely.
The device's connectivity allows you to receive safety alerts in real time via your mobile, tablet or PC.

eGuard App connect

Welcome to a safer, connected world

When connected, the eGuard App allows you to monitor one or several devices remotely. Once you have registered your product, you can use eGuard App to:      

  • Receive safety alerts,
  • View your usage statistics,
  • Enhance your experience via reports.

Erlab’s innovative technology keeps you safe

1. Erlab’s unique Flex Filtration can manage most lab applications.
2. SMART TECHNOLOGY - Simple, intuitive communication by light shows the status of the hood.
3. Sensors to detect filter saturation.
4. Face velocity is automatically monitored.
5. The 6° slanted sash offers optimal visibility and an ergonomic work space.
6. Large openings for easy access to your work.

Captair 321 Smart

Captair 391 Smart

Captair 481 Smart

Captair 392 Smart

Captair 483 Smart

Captair 633 Smart

Captair 714 Smart