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Modern-Lab Chemicals Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 1982 with the objective to provide “THE BEST IN SERVICE AND QUALITY PRODUCT” in the supply of chemicals, scientific equipment, specialty cleaning detergents, laboratory glassware & plasticwares, biochemicals & electrophoresis, filtration products, sealant / lubricants & greases, environmentally friendly biodegradable cleaners, laboratory equipment, and consultation services for cleaning applications for industrial, academic and medical sector in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Our main office supports the northern region of Malaysia, and handles export to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and China while our regional agents cover other parts of the Asia-Pacific markets. 

We are the authorized agent for:

Fisher Chemical logo.jpgSigma-Aldrich Logo.jpg
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Laboratory reagents
Organic / Inorganic reagents, Life Sciences & Labwares

Laboratory reagents

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Eppendorf logo.jpg
Erlab logo.jpg
R&D chemicals for research and professionals
Liquid, Sample, Cell handling & Consumables

Filtration Ecosystem
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Fisher BioReagents Logo.jpg
Pall Logo.jpg
Biochemicals & Electrophoresis
Molecular Biology, Protein Chemistry & cell culture biosciences

Filtration, Separation, Purification & Detection Products

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Fine Chemicals logo.png
Specialty cleaning & maintenance detergent, adhesives, Lubricants / greases, degreaser.

Wide Range of Chemicals

Complete laboratory reagents

We also provide other brands as below:

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Azlon logo
Kartell Logo.jpg
Wide range of laboratory glass apparatus

Wide range of laboratory plasticware

The complete range of laboratory high quality plastic ware supplies

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Whatman logo.jpg
Hanna Instruments logo.jpg
The complete laboratory glass apparatus supplies

The filtration product for laboratory use

Laboratory analytical instruments + electrodes, chemical reagent kits & buffer solutions.

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Brandson Logo.jpg
Wheaton Logo.jpg
Analytical instruments for R&D laboratory

Manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaning machines of various sizes

The complete laboratory glass apparatus supplies
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IsoLab Logo.jpg
Filtration products for laboratory & production applications

The complete laboratory glass apparatus supplies
Wide range of laboratory glass apparatus

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Hirschmann Logo.jpg
Duran Group Logo.jpg
Heating / Cooling oven, incubator climatic chamber, sterilizer & vacuum oven

Wide range of laboratory glass apparatus
Wide range of laboratory glass apparatus

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IKA logo.jpg
Hach Logo.jpg
Wide range of laboratory glass apparatus

Liquid Handling Instrument

Water quality testing & analytical instruments & reagents

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Mitutoyo Logo.jpg
Modern Lab Logo.jpg
Electronic balance

Measuring & testing instrument

Specialty vehicle windscreen cleaner
In-door air conditioning condenser coil cleaner, DIY product, non-toxic & biodegradable

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Nasco Logo.jpg
Rax Vision Logo.jpg
The complete range of laboratory high quality plastic ware supplies

Safe laboratory sampling bags

Microscope and Inspection systems
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Mettler Toledo logo
Complete range of measuring equipment for the best precisionComplete range of scales and analytical instrumentsLaboratory Freezers and Refrigerator
Mettler Toledo logoMettler Toledo logoMettler Toledo logo

Advanced technologies for pure water and water solutions

Complete range of laboratory equipment

Wide range of glass materials and laboratory equipment

Mettler Toledo logoMettler Toledo logo

Wide range of laboratory glassware

Gas Detector Tube System

All our products are from ISO certified companies from around the world: The United States, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, England, France, Belgium and Japan. A detailed list of our product brochure is available on request. Our product line includes:

These are special grade chemicals for the electronic and micro-electronic industries. They include materials used in Lithography, wafer fabrication, circuit board manufacturer and other related fields.

HIGH GRADE CLEANING DETERGENT (Environmentally Friendly)
These are aqueous critical cleaning products and has been specially formulated for specific applications. These cleaners that leave no interfering residues and have found increasing application in a wide range of industries as an environmentally responsive alternative to ozone-depleting compounds and hazardous solvents.

This type include BP, USP, food grade and pyrogen-free tested salts for medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers and the food processing industries.

These lines of product include general and specialized solvents for both industrial and educational applications.

These product range if specially formulated to cater for specific cleaning applications for Hospital Industries, Metal parts manufacturers comprises of aluminium, copper, stainless steel, mild steel fabricator, etc.

This line of products includes general and specialized solvents for both industrial laboratory and educational applications, research and development establishments from well-known manufacturers like Fisher Chemical, Merck, BDH Chemical, R&M – UK, Sigma-Aldrich, Acros organic chemical, Alconox-critical cleaning detergent, Memmert, Duran / Pyrex – glassware, etc.

Our product range of lab equipment and instrument covers from incubators, overhead stirrer/mixer, drying oven, vacuum oven, refrigerators, climate chamber, humidity chamber, pH meter, ORP meter, analytical balance, precision balance, weighing balance, centrifuges and etc. from well-known brands such as Memmert, IKA, A&D, HANNA, Eppendorf and many more.

The filtration ecosystem from Erlab comprises of ductless fume hoods, filtered storage cabinets, laminar flow hoods and PCR workstations that protect laboratory personnel. With the chemical filtration ecosystem, you are protected from the moment a chemical enters the lab to whenever or wherever it evaporates. We offer the most advanced molecular filtration technology which can adsorb multiple chemical types simultaneously, so you are no longer limited to application-specific filters or the inability to adapt to new lab processes.

Our main brand for glassware are from PYREX, whereas our plasticware mainly are from AZLON. Both these brands cover a wide range of supply for your laboratory needs from beaker, measuring cylinder, flasks, graduated pipettes, bottles, vials, spatulas and etc.

This broad range of products include manual pipettes, electronic pipettes, dispensers, burettes, automated pipetting systems, and many more. Eppendorf products are associated with state-of-the-art technology, outstanding ergonomics, and award-winning design.

Our consumables range cover a wide spectrum from pipette tips of all sizes, filtration products of all grades, petri dishes, KimWipes, lens cleaning tissue, deep-well plate, biohazard bags, forceps, tweezers, funnels, sieves and many more.

Safety is first no matter the time and location. We prioritise safety inside and outside the lab therefore we offer personal protective products ranging from head protection, hearing protection, safety eyewear, protective clothing and many more to cover one's safety from all aspects.