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IKA Magnetic Stirrers

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Can IKA magnetic stirrers run 24 hrs for several days?
Yes, a maximum ON time is not prescribed.

Is there a minimum, maximum or optimum distance from the stirrer surface to the vessel for magnetic stirrers?
The maximum distance depends on the volume and the viscosity of the corresponding medium. For example, a small amount of water up to 5 cm can be reached. The optimum distance is 0 cm, when the vessel is in contact with the magnetic stirrer surface.

What is the right size for stirring bars being used in common beakers for stirring water or aqueous solutions?
In general, 30 mm stirring bars are suitable for most applications.

How can IKA stirring bars be sterilized?
IKA magnetic stirring bars are PTFE (Teflon) coated and can be sterilized in many ways: e.g. autoclaving or treatment with alcohol or fungicide is possible.

Is there a maximum load prescribed for IKA magnetic stirrers?
The magnetic stirrer carries definitely the maximum volume of water plus the weight of a common vessel. E.g., the RCT basic carries 20 kg water plus a 20 liter vessel (about 5 – 10 kg), altogether about 25 – 30 kg!

What is the maximum viscosity that can be operated with an IKA magnetic stirrer?
A magnetic stirrer is constructed for working with aqueous solutions or low viscous medium up to 100 mPas.

Is there a recommended speed for magnetic stirrers?
To reach a steady mixture, the speed should not be too slow. The most common applications require speed ranging from 400 to 800 rpm.

What are the required environmental conditions for the operation of an IKA magnetic stirrer?
The relative humidity should not exceed 80 %. The ambient temperature should be within + 5 °C and + 40 °C.